Views from an Indian bus

This book is a must for anyone interested in India. It is the perfect appetiser for those contemplating a trip, a most agreeable travelling companion whilst on the road and a vividly evocative souvenir for those who have made the journey. This sparkling collection of cameo essays, crafted with wit, insight and learning lightly worn, reveal India to be a land as full of wonder and strangeness as it was when it captivated the travelers of classical times. Today the world’s largest democracy is a place where gods turn green and girls marry frogs, where creative hybrids such as Indinglish and mythistory flourish and three-eyed deities sit on the boards of companies. It is a land where a pair of earrings can cost thirty years’ work yet a politician blows £30 million on his son’s wedding, where a young man tweets the world on a single grain of rice while the world’s first city run entirely by computers is being built in an isolated mountain valley that is home to simple tribal people. Welcome to India: the land of dreams, the land of tales…

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“I have been reading your Views from an Indian Bus as my bedtime reading, savouring your articles like high quality chocolates (just one at a time!). I’m enjoying them a great deal.”

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