Born: Edinburgh, Scotland, a much longer time ago than it seems. Education: Fettes College and the Universities of Cambridge, Lancaster and Exeter. Work: Gurdjieff once said that once you get on the path you have to learn to earn your living with your left foot. Well, I can relate to that, having turned my hand (if not my foot) to many occupations over the years, including stints as a:

  • Dealer in Indian art;
  • Lecturer in the art of Asia (The British Museum; Sotheby’s; Christie’s; SOAS; Prince Charles’ School of Architecture; Royal Academy of Arts; various Art Colleges; Swan Hellenic Art Treasure Tours);
  • Photographer (for publishers and magazines);
  • Teacher of English as a Foreign Language;
  • Writer (books and articles);
  • Cultural Tour Operator (Trishula Travel) and
  • Teacher of meditation and the perennial philosophy.

Somewhere along the line I absent-mindedly stood for Parliament in West Suffolk – mercifully failing in spectacular fashion. My current incarnation is as co-founder of Neeleshwar Hermitage, a retreat hotel on the Coast of Malabar, South India.

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