Charney Manor : Oxon

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Charney Manor, in the beautiful Oxfordshire village of Charney Bassett, is owned by the Quaker movement, and has proved to be just the right venue for periods of meditation and deep rest. A Grade 1 listed building, it was originally part of the medieval Benedictine abbey of Abingdon – the main meeting room dates from 1260 – so the atmosphere is very suitable for us, tranquil and nourishing.

These retreats are structured so that maximum benefit comes from following an easy routine of meditation, rest, walks, group meetings with access to Maharishi’s profound knowledge, early nights and – much laughter!

Come and restock energy, vitality and positivity. The beautiful setting, the power of the collective meditations and Vedic wisdom and also the wonderful food, make a trip to this lovely part of Oxfordshire a uniquely worthwhile investment.

Food is vegetarian with vegan, gluten free and dairy-free available on request. Any other requirements can be brought.

Upcoming Retreats

Charney Manor
Charney Bassett
OX12 0EJ

Phone: 01235 868206