Following on from the success of CoVidya 2020 we are happy to announce

CoVidya 2022:

A continuing series of knowledge meetings with Alistair Shearer.

Co = co-operation; communality; coherence; compassion. 

Vidya = the Sanskrit word for true knowledge; penetrating insight. 

2022 = of our time  and a symbol of the unmanifest unity at the heart of all dualities!

These zoom meetings will take place every two weeks on a Sunday afternoon and they will utilise the extraordinary current situation as an opportunity to remind ourselves of the relevance of Maharishi’s teaching and the perennial spiritual principles that underlie it.

All are very welcome.

Next CoVidya Meeting

There are no scheduled meetings at this time

The Zoom Meeting Room will be open for attendees to log in from 2.00 pm, and the meeting will begin promptly at 2.30 pm with a presentation from Alistair lasting until approx. 3.15 pm, when we shall break for about ten minutes. We shall reconvene at 3.30 pm for an interactive question and answer session and close the meeting at 4.30 pm with a group meditation lasting until 4.50pm.

To gain access to the meeting, purchase a pass above (if listed) and you will be emailed access details.

Alistair Shearer is a veteran teacher of Transcendental Meditation. He has written fourteen books, the most recent of which is The Story of Yoga, published in February this year by Hurst & Co.

‘A clear-eyed, elegantly written and wonderfully informative history of yoga … Shearer’s remarkable book is a wide-ranging and rather sobering discussion on the nature of authenticity.’ – The Spectator

Archive of Previous meetings

Audio Recordings


‘Amazing – and that was the word used to describe you many times yesterday. I have a feeling you will be a favourite on the training again:’

‘Alistair was just phenomenal as always! WOW! He just makes the most complex abstract ideas so palatable!’

‘Mind blown. I went to some Veda lectures at Ananda and Alistair is even better, just wonderful’ H.P. Yoga teacher trainer

‘Thank you, really enjoyed this afternoon. I wish I’d had an introduction to the Gita like that when I was taking my course. You made it much clearer. V.L.

‘Thank you so much for the CoVidya 2020 meetings. It is wonderful and nourishing to build on the teaching that you gave me, and all of us at Neeleshwar, and those evening sessions we enjoyed together. It is particularly nourishing at this time; these sessions feel like gold dust!’ R.W.

‘Your mellow dulcet semitrombome utterfications mesmerise one and all; the meditations vanish me to the beyonds of outer furthest Brecknockshire…MF, Cardiff’

‘Really nourished me! I’ve dropped out of the meditations in the past years so it’s good to be back in the fold! It was good today, thanks’ C.S.

‘I enjoyed the class last Sunday very much. It was beautiful! – Informative, inspiring and helped me forge interesting links in my personal study and ongoing practice. With much gratitude’ N.D.

‘Excellent meeting; can’t wait for another’ .G.M.

‘Amazing value for £10!’ A.C.

‘Thanks for an excellent Zoom session today. Look forward to more in the future’. N.S.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday ~ thank you so much. Absolutely loved the group meditation at the end too’. L.L’E.

‘What an added gift to my Birthday your Zoom was! Really was fun, interesting & thought provoking. Thank you for the invite. Only U could get me up at 5.45 am these days!

Jacques was totally captivated & found it most enjoyable. Maybe I can finally get him meditating with me!!!’ J.W. New Mexico

‘It was joy to listen, will be back for more. After wilderness years, much thanks’ M.F.

‘It was a really great meeting, thank you’ P.O’C.

Thanks for today! A very good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.’ H.W.

‘That was brilliant Ali, and after the first few minor hiccups went really well. Thank you so much, and I’ll look forward to the next one.’ S.F.
‘Here’s to the next time’ H.S.

‘Thanks for the fascinating talk on Sunday. What a wonderful turn out you got! This is such a great way for you to teach without boundaries of place etc.’ L.M.